TUG Process Agents

The Universal Group can be your process agent in several jurisdictions including the UK, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and elsewhere. What is a process agent?

A process agent is an individual or company that serves to facilitate a process (such as documents required for court actions or a credit agreement ) for a company not acting on their own behalf in the jurisdiction concerned.

Example: A company in China wishes to enter into a Loan agreement with a UK company. Documents must be transported and served reliably between the parties concerned yet the company outside the jurisdiction has no employees or physical presence in Britain. A process agent is appointed to deliver these documents and serve them upon the recipient and can sign an affidavit etc to confirm that this has been done and the process has been served in the appropriate manner.

What sort of documents may require a process agent?

Any document which requires evidence of delivery to confirm that the prescribed process for the serving of a document has been appropriately complied with.

Including but not limited to:

  • Master Agreements
  • Leasing Documents
  • Agreements between creditors
  • Loan Agreements
  • Where it may be beneficial to have clear evidence that the appropriate documentation was delivered in accordance with the appropriate form and where a sworn affidavit from the serving agent may support due diligence.

What do the Universal Group offer ?

We offer to act for clients on the basis of a process agent for all requiring these services. You do not have to be a client of our legal services business to benefit from this but there may be advantages for global key account clients in utilising these services alongside our international notary and Co Sec services in terms of single accountability and reduced management overhead.

We can act on a single instance based upon a transactional relationship 100 GBP

For corporate clients where there are likely to be multiple instances of the service every quarter then please do contact us for special key account rates to suit your requirements in terms of both volume and geography.

As TUG operate internationally with office in several jurisdictions we can provide process agent services in almost 140 countries either directly or through our international legal services network. Please contact us to discuss your requirements by volume and geography for the best pricing available.

Supporting these services with TUG International notaries and translation services our clients receive the most cost effective and reliable process agent service available.