Universal Legal Services

An innovative and market leading legal services company with a proven track record in providing customer oriented services to our clients in the corporate services industry. Working closely with our client/business partner community of international, legal and financial services professionals. The Universal Group enable our clients to extend geographical reach and strengthen existing client relationships. The Universal Group portfolio of services complements the existing portfolio of most notaries and solicitors enabling you to reach out to new end user clients and address a broader revenue opportunity without the incremental costs associated with service delivery and management.

The Universal Group provide solutions which are extremely effective at increasing revenue and reducing the potential threat from competitive activity and doing so in a way that builds the perception of value your clients perceive in your relationship with their business.

Our commitment is your Security

Universal Legal Services safeguard the secrecy of confidential information and never knowingly reveal or disclose confidential information to any person, partnership, association, or corporation. The Universal Group always treat all such confidential information received from you and your affiliates as confidential and proprietary.

Standards and Compliance

The Universal Group have a commitment to the highest ethical standards and constantly strive to define, adopt and evolve processes which support the highest standards of governance in all aspects of our business. These same standards are then applied consistently through the full cycle of every individual case and every customer and vendor relationship.

Certificate Br. TSP-001/2021
Certificate No. QS-0766