Precedent document services

Many companies utilise similar documents on a regular basis to support key business requirements. Documents such as those for“power of attorney” can be a regular requirement, giving specific powers to key individuals in a timely fashioncan often be critical to achieving business objectives. In many cases an initial document evolves over time as it is reused and adapted to changes in situations. This can result in a document growing far beyond the scope of its individual requirements and thus losing its clarity. In the worst cases, the document can actually evolve to become contradictory and may no longer support its initial objective.

Rather than adapt a less than ideal document or create something completely bespoke every time a request is received for documents, The Universal Group provides a cost effective framework and clause library approach to enable requests to be clearly defined and fulfilled within a proven precedent based structure.

Develop skills in-house supported by TUG expertise, reducing risk as you gain competence and experience within your own team.