Company Secretarial

Anyone with a successful business today is in business and surviving or thriving on the basis you have maintained a focus upon the core activities and competencies within your business.. However, all too often legal matters, official forms and regulatory compliance divert ones attention away from what you do best. The very thing that is driving your success today can be neglected as your company grows and develops and the administrative burden of effective management increases. The Universal Group support our clients by offering professional and independent company secretary and company formation services to enable our clients to maintain your focus on your marketplace and your own customers.

A company secretary is a legal requirement for any listed company and in the interests of good governance can be highly recommended for any medium to large limited company.

We can provide clients with a company secretarial service on a contracted basis to ensure that important statutory requirements are fulfilled and the right tone set from the outset for the future governance of the company. With the correct experience the company secretary is a excellent source of legal and regulatory advice to the directors and provides guidance and advice concerning your obligations and responsibilities as well as providing proactive advice and assistance in matters of corporate governance where appropriate.

Duties of the company secretary often include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following core tasks to help ensure regulatory compliance and effective and efficient management of your business.

  • Ensuring compliance with the company memorandum and articles.
  • Maintaining the statutory registers:

- Register of charges

- Register of directors & directors home addresses

- Register of debentures

- Register of members

- Register of disclosure notice

- The minute book of company meetings

  • Correspondence with legal advisers, associations, unions and trade associations
  • Company administrative management involving staff, office equipment, share schemes and pensions
  • Organisation of the AGM and setting the correct protocols for company meetings
  • Communication with shareholders
  • Preparation of the director's report
  • Controls and records the use of the company's official seal. ( register of sealing )

Although it is no longer a legal requirement for a limited company to engage the services of a company secretary, it should be taken into consideration that the appropriate legal and regulatory requirements of the company do not go away but are instead the responsibility of the directors. In many cases we have found that many directors do not have the very specific regulatory and corporate governance experience of an experienced company secretary or have any access to the information required to achieve the appropriate skills. In this case access to the advice of a company secretary on a shared or contracted basis can be an ideal solution to avoid a skill gap and/or potential exposure.

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