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Legalisation and Notary Services

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Services Offered By Us

Corporate Governance consulting, Forming a company, Company Secretarial, Legalisation, Translation and Interpreting and procurement are just few of the services we offer here at The Universal Group

Company Secretarial

Company Secretarial

Few would disagree that regulatory compliance and corporate governance monitoring and development are essential tasks. Yet few companies truly have the in house resources to balance the need for day to day compliance with long term monitoring and process improvement.



  • Certificate of origin
  • Contracts & deeds
  • Educational certification
  • Power of attorney
  • Professional licenses
  • Proof of ownership
  • Trade agreements
Process Agent

Process Agent

The Universal Group can be your process agent in several jurisdictions including the UK, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and elsewhere. A process agent is an individual or company that serves to facilitate a process (such as documents required for court actions or a credit agreement ) for a company not acting on their own behalf in the jurisdiction concerned.


Languages & Translation

The Universal Group can provide certified translations for almost any world language including many specific dialects where required. Our translators specialise in the translation of documents required for many, often specialized, purposes. This includes language and technical translations and interpreting involving specific industries such as medical, IT, government, regulatory environments and engineering.

Our translators and interpreters have a long track history of providing reliable and accurate translation which will not leave your employees, customers or the public, scratching their heads in confusion or bemusement.

Our language services protect you from the credibility damage which can be a consequence of poor translation when providing information to people in a range of languages.


International Procurement

The Universal Group client base includes some of the world’s largest companies. We have extensive experience in creating an appropriate scope for the procurement of a wide range of products and services across a wide range of industries. Including, but not limited to:

Vehicles and Drivers
Financial products
Laboratory Supplies & Equipment
Power and Utilities
IT & Networking services and equipment
School, Nursery and Education
… and many others.

We work to create an appropriate scope for your requirement, engage with suppliers in the target countries through our international network, and negotiate the best possible pricing and terms using combined purchasing power and local knowledge from long standing partners from within our network on the ground in each location.

This ensures that you receive the best pricing and reliable services. All while avoiding the potential challenges of engagement and contracting without the benefit of local knowledge and experience.


Regulatory Compliance

The Universal Group has unique experience in implementing the appropriate process and procedures to integrate many aspects of regulatory compliance in various specialized environments into your management system.

We specialize in providing support to companies operating nationally, internationally, and across specialized industries involving controlled substances or heightened accountability. We work with organizations involving potentially conflict and high risk minerals as well as other controlled products and substances.

Our consultants will work with you to ensure that with our support, your compliance process enables your company to operate with demonstrable rigor and responsibility enabling you to approach any independent audit and scrutiny with total confidence.

Give your customers the peace of mind that they have a reliable, safe partner, in their supply chain.

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