Tug Vocational Training

TUG brings together very experienced and highly qualified Notaries, Company Secretaries, and Legal and Information Technology Professionals to provide extremely high value condensed training delivered online and in person.   It has never been more important to broaden one’s knowledge and cross train in order to understand the full implications of decisions and consider maximisation of resources across an entire enterprise.   With regulatory compliance come broader considerations than those which may be required in single environment disciplines.  Company Secretaries,  Solicitors, Compliance Officers and Notaries all have to be more knowledgeable than ever of the broader considerations behind their actions in order to remain compliant with regulations such as the UK Bribery Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the US, both of which apply to companies in these jurisdictions anywhere they do business.

Best practice changes over time and evolves with the business environment and the regulatory changes and one must be aware of the broader environment within which we all practise.  Within the business environment we operate a lack of knowledge of IT systems and how the function of Information Technology impacts upon our regulatory obligations and may be used as a tool for compliance is no longer optional.  TUG provides training which broadens the knowledge and skills of our clients to add additional capabilities and skills as well as simply maintaining best practice awareness.

Our objective is to provide training which not only satisfies the basic requirement for maintaining skills to qualify for CPD or other schemes which satisfy the annual requirement to practise but actually enhances the capabilities of the individual and the overall value that our delegates provide their organisations.

TUG Vocational Training is an approved ICSA CPD accredited training provider.