Company Secreterial

Few would disagree that regulatory compliance and corporate governance monitoring and development are essential tasks. Yet few companies truly have the in house resources to balance the need for day to day compliance with long term monitoring and process improvement.


  • Certificate of origin
  • Contracts & deeds
  • Educational certification
  • Power of attorney
  • Professional licenses
  • Proof of ownership
  • Trade agreements

Process Agent

The Universal Group can be your process agent in several jurisdictions including the UK, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and elsewhere. A process agent is an individual or company that serves to facilitate a process (such as documents required for court actions or a credit agreement ) for a company not acting on their own behalf in the jurisdiction concerned.

Languages & Translation

The Universal Group can provide certified translations for almost any world language including many specific dialects where required. Our translators specialise in the translation of documents required for legal purposes and many other specific industries and technical environments such as medical, IT and engineering.

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